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This is the offical Shoebox Project 100 word drabble community.

Membership is open to all LJ members.

A new challenges is posted by laenij AND sardonyx_love once a new SBP part has been posted for that week. (So on a Thursday night/Friday depending on where you live. And yes, that means two challenges a week!). Challenges will be about that new part. For every sucessful drabble, 10 points will go to your house of choice, and for every challenge that has a word count within 10 words either side of 100, 5 points will be given to your house of choice.

Current Challenges
1)Frank Longbottom, Bellatrix Black and Ermine Parkinson, as well as three prefects all disappeared during this part. What happened to them before they reappeared?
2)A drabble from the POV of the students currently attending the feast.

If you are posting more than two drabbles, please post them behind an LJ-CUT. If your drabble is R/NC-17 rated, then please also post it behind a lj-cut, leaving the header stuff out of the cut.
NO off-topic posts. You may go on tangets in comments, however.

Posts should look like this:

Subject: Title of drabble/s here. If untitled, please number them.

Title: Title of drabble again.
House: Your house -- Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw.
Word Count: Hopefully 100.
Characters/Pairings: Who stars in your drabble.
Author's Notes: Anything else you have to say, and subject matter warnings.
Body of drabble here.

You may post up to 6 drabbles for one challenge.
Please, responses to the current challenge only.
Drabbles may continue on from drabbles you've written before, but there can only be 3 'chapters' at most.
Follow any extra guidelines that are set out in the challenge.

We will try to archieve all drabbles, under author names.

Please contact your friendly moderators, laenij and sardonyx_love if you have any problems or questions about this community.


Week 1:Gryffindor
Week 2:Hufflepuff
Week 3:


Word Counting
Don't have a program that counts words for you? Try this!
(Thanks to mad_maeglin for this tip!)


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