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Title: Fall
House: Slytherin.
Word Count: 100 exactly!
Characters/Pairings: Remus and Sirius, of course.
Author's Notes: Again, I tried. Don’t beat me with a stick (har, har).


Sirius inches closer to the door, still clutching the curtain. He sees Remus flattened against the wall opposite him and a little shiver goes through his body. He’s nearly naked in the same room as Remus. Naked. Bad Sirius, bad!

After what seems an eternity of shuffling toward the door, he finally reaches in and turns the knob. The door creaks open and Remus bolts out, saying, “Thanks! Have a good shower! You should maybe lock the door next time! Your duck is slipping!”

Sirius closes the door behind Remus and drops the curtain, feeling his shoulders and face fall.
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