Lindsay (li_chan42) wrote in sbp_100,


Title: Smooth
House: Hufflepuff
Word Count: 105, not counting hyphens, because I don't care what MS word says. "-" < this is not a word!
Characters/Pairings: Sirius. And Remus. Remus/Sirius.
Author's Notes: This is for the shower scene challenge - there is a longer, and in my opinion better, version posted on my journal. I have discovered that 100 words is very difficult.

- - - - -

Sirius tries to will a pair of pants into existence, but there are no pants - only a conveniently placed duck.

Remus is frozen. Sirius would like to pounce and perform indecent acts - without the interfering duck - except he wouldn't, because Sirius likes girls. So, he should act casual - be smooth.

Except his mouth is dry, heart pounding, and as he edges towards the door he hopes that he doesn't brush against Remus because if he does it would be very bad - nothing would be able to salvage his dignity.

Sirius opens the door, and Remus escapes to safety - no duck, no feelings, no Sirius.

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