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Title: Unlucky
House: Ravenclaw
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Frank Longbottom
Author's Notes: Ermine Parkinson has a very oily forehead and very sharp nails.

Frank Longbottom had never considered himself an unlucky man. Alright, he didn’t have the suave nature of James Potter, nor the rugged good looks of Sirius Black. And he didn’t have the brains of Remus Lupin or even the broomstick of ol’ Kingsley.

But he had hair.

He didn’t considered himself unlucky until he found himself leaning on Ermine Parkinson’s shaking shoulders, reflecting light at odd angles off of her forehead.

And then there was a shrill voice screeching in his ear which, coupled with the brutal red scratches across his face, made him reconsider how lucky he really was.
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