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A Quiet Afternoon;

Title: A Quiet Afternoon
House: Ravenclaw
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Mr. Potter, and the other characters
Author's Notes: This took forever to get down to 100 words. I got it though! :D


The boys are spread out, it seems. Mr. Potter can hear Remus pacing upstairs, and Peter falling off the bed with a ‘thump’ for the second time that day. He can’t hear James, but he’s sure he’s nearby. Mrs. Potter sits beside him, both of them sipping their tea with the occasional comment on the latest news.

A quiet afternoon.

Then, outside, someone sounding suspiciously like Sirius swears loudly, and a crash follows as if the dustbins toppled over.

“It sounds like Sirius and Sophie are having a nice time,” Mr. Potter says pleasantly, taking another sip of his tea.
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