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These three are all connected. This is my first time writing for the Harry Potter fandom and I never thought I would but shoebox convinced me that I should.

Title: Denial
House: Hufflepuff
Word Count: 90
Characters/Pairings: Sirius/Sophie, Remus
Author's Notes: For the first challenge


This isn’t happening. (But it is.) Things like this don’t happen to Sirius-suave-Black. (Except they do.)

She’s lying beside him with that grin that he’s never hated before now. “Well, au revoir,” she says while winking at him in that French way that is definitely not Remus J. Lupin.

Sirius leaps to his feet and rushes inside shouting, “Right, just between us,” behind him.

This isn’t happening. Things like this don’t happen to Sirius-boy fancier- Black. Except, they do because the first person he runs into is Remus.


Title: Confession
House: Hufflepuff
Word Count: 102, (114 if you count the individual words in that long phrase ;)
Characters/Pairings: Sirius, Remus
Author's Notes: For the first challenge

“What happened to you?” Remus asks in that Moony way with that certain smile that always comes along with furrowed brows and awkward hands in pockets. And he has that little spot of chocolate on his nose.

“You’ve got something on your nose, right there,” Sirius says as he licks his finger and wipes it away like his mother would have without even realizing what’s happening. “Sorry, IaccidentallysaidyournamesnoggingSophiebutitwasn’tanaccident,” he manages to say all in one breath.

Remus looks as though Sirius informed him that there’s a chocolate shortage.

“Er,” He turns and runs away leaving Remus with jumbled words and a wet nose.


Title: Contemplation
House: Hufflepuff
Word Count: 116 -I only had 90 for the first one, does that make up for this? ;)
Characters/Pairings: Sirius, Remus, Sophie
Author's Notes: For the first challenge

Remus’ nose is wet with saliva from Sirius. But he doesn’t think of Sirius’ mouth because perfectly natural things might occur. He could run after Sirius and sweep him off his feet. But Remus knows it would work much better with wuthering wind and either him or Sirius in a dress. He could ask Sirius to repeat himself. That’s what he’ll do.

This plan proves to be difficult when Sophie is blocking his path. All he sees are arms crossed over an ample chest and a short skirt and long legs.

Remus opens his mouth to say something that he hopes isn’t “birds."

“Let us go for a walk, hmm?” she suggests while linking their arms.

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