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The Challenges

Okay, so some people might be confused about the fact that there are two challenges currently.

We are now running with two challenges a week, with 6 drabbles allowed per challenge.

The challenges for this week are as follows:
Describe a scene soon after Episode Fourteen in 100 words. and
We only got Remus's point of view of the bathroom incident in Part 14. Write what's going through Sirius's mind.


With the word count/points:

We will not be strict about the word count, but anything longer than 150 words should be placed behind a cut. The main aim of the 100 communities is to write 100 words. I know this might be a challenge (I know I myself have found it a challenge sometimes), so there is now 5 points awarded to your house of choice if you write a drabble between 90 - 110 words and you still get the full 10 points if you write 100 words.

I hope that clears up most questions/problems. Please bear with us, though, as we are still meddling around and setting it up proerply. There should be no more dramas after this week though.
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