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The Potter Factor // Quite Shocking

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i come bearing drabbles!

Title: The Potter Factor
House: Slytherin
Word Count: 105
Characters/Pairings: Lily Evans, mentions of James and Snape.
Author's Notes: For the Lily Challenge. I'm not sure if I followed the challenge exactly tho…meep.

This didn't follow the usual equation. Wherein she was responsible and disdainful of the scruffy-haired Potter and his merry band. But this is a new equation, Potter was Head Boy and she was Head Girl.

Perhaps it was the unexpected and unspoken variable of Potter saving Snape? Unspoken because of some Great Secret or because it was Snape? She was intrigued if it was the former, grudgingly understanding if the latter. This was a new equation, how did a still-scruffy, Snape-saving, suddenly-responsible Potter factor into it all?

Lily realized that it'd take a whole year to solve the equation. She was looking forward to it.

Title: Quite Shocking
House: Slytherin
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Gid'n'Fay (sounds like a boutique of some sort!)
Author's Notes:  For the Prewett Brothers Challenge. I suck at pranks, whether writing about them or playing them.

Muggle Toy shops, Gideon thinks, are great resources of Research. Fabian's grin completes the mental thought; we must, of course, put this in the book, for posterity.

Although, Fabian notes, their take on the handshake-shock-busser-thing had to be a definite improvement.

Gideon agrees, we should market them.

Sock-shocks, Fabian quips. We are quite a genius pair he thinks, as the Slytherins attempt to stop cursing long enough to stop setting off each other's socks so they can take them off.

Gideon grins. I can't wait for their underwear to start reacting when they try to hex us.

Neither can I, agrees Fabian.
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