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Next Time

Title: Next Time
House: Ravenclaw
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Gideon and Fabian Prewett
Author's Notes: First drabble and first piece of HP fanfiction. ^__^ Any comments and criticism would be greatly appreciated!

It was a brilliant idea. Splendid, really. And, as brilliant ideas go, it was completely impossible.

Not that impossibility ever bothered Gid'n'Fay, of course. They were, after all, Gideon and Fabian Prewett.

You would have to admit, though, that the dungbombs weren't supposed to go off until they'd left the Slytherin common room. And that fuchsia wasn't very becoming sprouting out of Fabian's head (it would much better suit Gideon, not that he'd ever admit it). And that the pranker(s) shouldn’t be found at the feet of the prankee sporting nothing but heart-patterned underwear.

Ah well, there’s always next time.
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