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Title: Musings
House: Hufflepuff
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Lily, James
Author's Notes: My first-ever drabble! Any comments would be very much appreciated. :)

Lily Evans is distinctly discombobulated. Her traitorous body ignores her brain's frantic commands to regain self-possession as she gapes at the Head Boy.

James Potter, save Snape's life? The very idea is absurd! Perhaps, she muses, there's more to him than she's given him credit for...

But no, these thoughts can only lead to more (perfectly natural) thoughts which she does NOT need. As he babbles incoherently over some strange men, she decides that particular type of thought with regards to James is best avoided, especially with Kingsley's shiny-headed solidarity awaiting her in the common room.

For now, anyway.
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